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Mobile Learning


Instructional videos


Diploma, Qualification


Help with digitization

A playful pedagogy

We use the springs of gamification to increase the involvement and long-term commitment of your employees. Learning has never been easier.

An innovative approach

Technology must be at the service of pedagogy. We combine approaches that include impactful videos, content anchored in everyday life, accessible on mobile phones, with a focus on social interactions.

And fully operational

Because 70% of what we learn comes from experience, we create short training courses that are immediately applicable in the workplace. Compatible with a professional activity.

Mobile Learning

READY FOR TAKEOFF offers short, engaging, fun and operational training courses to develop your teams' skills on a daily basis in a working situation.




READY FOR TAKEOFF is a partner of the main digital mobile learning platforms:

- Mastery of design tools and pedagogical possibilities

- Expertise in microlearning writing

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Memory Anchorage & Mobile Learning

Memorization, long-term anchoring of the knowledge acquired in training.




Because 80% of a classroom training is forgotten after a week, READY FOR TAKEOFF designs tools for daily training. Effortlessly.




We design tailor-made memory anchoring tools, both short - less than 5 minutes a day - and fun. To retain and apply key concepts. Durably.

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Instructional videos

READY FOR TAKE OFF supports you in all the steps of producing short and impactful educational videos:

  • Analysis of your content

  • Writing scripts & storyboards

  • Graphic style proposal & voice-over

  • Production of videos & animations

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Qualifying training courses

READY FOR TAKEOFF has developed, in partnership with accredited schools, qualifying training courses in the retail sector.

A unique system that alternates teaching methods. Indoors and remotely.

Video courses, in-store simulation exercises, social platform, face-to-face training to prepare the jury....

Optimized training courses, compatible with the CPF and financeable by your OPCO, without leaving the store.

These training courses are customizable.

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Help with digitization

READY FOR TAKE OFF helps HR managers and Training Departments to take the digital route.


- Definition and implementation of the digital training strategy

- Training of instructional project managers:


Training as a digital module designer

Training as a trainer

Tutor training

Script writing

Creating effective visual aids

Public speaking

Making videos with your smartphone

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