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Customer case N°1

Implementation of a qualifying training course (high school diploma: Store Sales Consultant) for a textile company

  • - 103h over 6 months (half of which in digital) instead of 400 hours in face to face
    - 120 lessons of 10 mn, quizzes, application exercises, advice for the passage in front of the jury, etc...
    - Follow-up webinars every 15 days
    - 1 day of classroom training per month
    - Issued in partnership with an accredited school
    - Financed by the OPCO

Formations qualifiantes: Formations

Customer case N°1

Supporting employees in a collective VAE process

- Digital educational resources, developed in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, support employees at each stage of the VAE process:

  • Elaboration of the admissibility file (booklet 1)

  • Preparation of the validation file (booklet 2)

  • Preparation for the jury

- An individualized monthly follow-up (complementary to that of the D.A.V.A.) maintains motivation and prevents drop-outs during the course.

- Tools for HR and managers to help promote VAE internally. 

Formations qualifiantes: Formations
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